Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Year Old!

First, many apologies for the lack of posting. Between matching (yeah, we're going to Rochester!), the endless paperwork required for residency, selling our house, buying a house, and packing, I've had little time to write. Here's a recap of the past couple months. Lyla is one year old! Where has the past year gone? Time has flown so quickly. Everyone tells you how quickly time will fly, but you don't really appreciate it until you start wondering where your little baby has gone! Lyla is definitely turning into a little toddler and is so much fun these days. It's amazing how much she comprehends and how smart she is! She started walking a couple weeks before her birthday and is now getting pretty steady on her feet. She is babbling a lot and waves at everyone we meet--so cute! Her favorite word is still of course "doggy" and she is learning her animal sounds--she knows the doggy says "woof," the monkey says "haha" (that's her version anyway--she has a stuffed monkey that is her new best friend) and she does the fish face too. We're working on the duck and cat! It's amazing how much she understands too. She still uses her basic signs for "milk," "all done," "more," "eat" and "telephone." Two weeks ago I took away her bottle and it's been a bit of a struggle to get her to drink milk out of a cup although she does fine with the water. She's still petite at 27 inches and 18lbs 14oz but her head is growing and measures at the 92 percentile! Yesterday we had our first trip to the playground and she loved it! She went on the swings and slide and of course, what could be better than playing with mulch! She's taken a new liking to stuffed animals and pets them and gives them kisses. She's started being a little rougher with the dogs but they've been so tolerant of her thankfully. Lyla had a great birthday party but didn't seem that impressed with the cake! She did get a ton of presents though which have been keeping her occupied. With our upcoming move I have had to pack away all of her "baby" stuff that she doesn't use anymore and it was a bit sad to think she'll never use that stuff again. Here are some photos of the big girl:

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